junior.challenger® - Contents of the program

Sales trainee program for tomorrows’ sales representatives


The junior.challenger® is a sales development-program for partner and reseller and is realised in cooperation of Cisco and upDATE.

The focus of the program is on sales-themes like communication in sales,
sales systematic
and Account Planning.
Within the 12 months trainee program you work as an employee of one of Cisco’s partner companies. You get to know products and technologies and you can improve your affinity towards technical knowledge.

Parallel to that, a sales-oriented training establishes your understanding in sales business, decision making processes and market behavior. Overall there are
14 training days
(7 modules each 2 days).


Rootedly, you learn the correct procedures and workflow of sales business. Within the 12 months trainee program we show you the meaning of success. By being part of the daily local business from the very first, you improve your practical and project experience every day. Selected measures in training, intense coaching and feedback in regular intervals complete your trainee program. Thereby, you are getting prepared for your sales and executive functions.





Training content:

7 training modules,
each 2 days

  1.  Customer-focused
       presentation skills
  2.  Sales systematic
  3.  Communication in sales
  4.  No need - no sale
  5.  Behaviour-based
       sales approach
  6.  Consultative Selling
  7.  Account Planning



2 examination days (after the 4th and 7th trainings modules)

  • midterm exam
  • final exam

The exams consists of a managementpresentation and an interview.


Speaker Slots

The junior.challenger® traineeprogram offers the opportunity, to participate in Cisco Speaker Slots.


  Cisco Speaker Slots:
  •  Cisco: team and organization
  •  Collaboration with CBC-visit
  •  Enterprise Networking
  •  Data Center
  •  Security
  •  Best Practice from the Cisco-sales
  •  Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IOT)